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Rabu, 08 huhtikuu 2009
Storm Titanium Series Updated! Official Plazmic, WeatherBug Edition, Custom BG's!
Storm Titanium Series Updated! Official Plazmic, WeatherBug Edition, Custom BG's! 03/26/09-
From Crackberry
I have updated all the themes, using the official release of Plazmic 4.7. I also added extra features such as Weather Bug Edition. Themes seem to be much faster. If you want to delete the older version and install the update, you will not be disappointed!

UPDATES: 03/26/09-

1. Weather Bug Edition now available! WB is in position # 9 (9-icon-screen applications).
2. Click on the front of the screen to go directly to the Applications!
3. Click on the top of the front of the screen to launch Sound Profiles!
4. Navigation icon is corrected. Position the top left is (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8), down to the right.
5. The icons are now just expands the list of applications, you can transfer them from the folder you want.
6. Applications, Games, Download and installation folder icons to install the applications directory.

7. This is my favorite part ... Use any homescreen background image, while maintaining the original interface!

The following examples use the background images of the sample pictures folder on your own for your Storm.
But of course you can use any image you choose.

Previous updates:
* Fixed issue of Quick Launch. A fantastic application is.
* Fixed issue of Icon Customization. You can place all the icons you want on the home screen.
* Adjusted Profile rear window there, and the Sure Type a question.
* Fixed transparent section at the top (on the home screen is not showing at the top of the screen) when you go to your e-mail, sms, etc.
* Fixed problems with "Landscape" mode, the images are now complete.
* Added today underlined the part where highlighted, you can click directy to clear.
* Added a few more icons.
* The default folder is color coordinated with each theme.
* Added color coordinated buttons, and indicators for each theme.
* Most 3rd party application icons fit in boxes on the home screen.
* Other small things
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